Three Tips for Outdoor Home Improvement Projects

Deck the Outdoors

Adding a deck to your backyard has to be one of the biggest projects but also one that will make a huge positive difference to your backyard. But before you start on that project, ask yourself a few important questions:

Will you build it yourself? If so, how much experience do you have?
If you will get help, do you have a budget in mind?
How will you use the deck? For adult Bar B Qs or the kids playground?
How much of the yard is left and how will it be utilized?

Add a Home Office

With more and more of us working from home, now might be a good time to add that long awaited home office or business. It can be a simple thing like moving the computer into an extra bedroom, a mid-sized project like converting a garage into an office or a big project like building a tiny house office or store in the backyard. You will need to find out if zoning will allow outdoor banners if you decide to promote your business with a sign.

Outdoor Home

Plant a Garden

Nothing quite makes a yard like a great garden. But flower beds need to be planned to be truly effective. Season by season, different aspects of the garden should be showing off their stuff. Spring means bulb flowers like daffodils and tulips, along with flowering trees and shrubs. Summer is the time for shady trees, beds filled with dahlias and daisies and lemonade on the porch. Autumn brings maple trees in full color, cleaning up the beds for winter and planting those spring bulbs. When you plan the garden season by season, you are rewarded with color all year round.

Making Your Backyard Projects Sing

Finally, don’t forget to make music accessible wherever you are in your back or front yard. Enjoy the sweet sound of jazz while you sit on the front porch, some rocking 60s tunes while you weed that backyard garden plot or just gospel on a Sunday morning with your first cup of coffee. With today’s Wi-Fi capabilities you can add tiny outdoor speakers to wherever you love to hang in your backyard. Adding this to your home will make every home improvement project a snap as your cruise your way through plans, music at your elbow and singing in your heart.

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