Granite Does it All

The toughest and most durable natural stone, granite, is said to be immensely hard wearing, a feature that makes it a perfect solution for flooring your house. The stone takes origin from volcanic activity with the gradual process of crystallization of molten magma that eventually cools down deep under the earth’s surface. It is an extremely dense, strong, resilient, durable and the most watertight stone in the world. And guess what? It is available in an array of colors, whether required for residential flooring or commercial purpose. It is often considered to be a popular choice for contractors, tile professionals and architects when dealing with high traffic areas like granite counter tops in kitchens and bathrooms without worrying about any sort of damage .

Aesthetically speaking, this natural stone bring forth luxury and grandeur to commercial layouts, for example, reception areas, lobbies and corridors. As it is stain resistant and easily maintainable, it has always been a premium choice for commercial projects. You can keep the floor’s polish and appearance unblemished by sweeping and mopping it on regular basis. Every now and then, granite sealant also comes in handy as it prevents from moisture and helps to maintain the color and smoothness of the layout. It is always a safe bet to wipe clean right away if any greasy item spills on granite because even though it is low-maintenance, it is not scratch-resistant. One should have cleaners available to help one to prevent the granite floor.

For a look of continuous natural stone, granite slabs are useful for avoiding grout joints connecting the tiles. Construction experts are mostly inclined to use granite for cladding which adds beauty and allure to otherwise unappealing exteriors. You will be pleased to know that this stone is available in several variations to suit your needs and design specifications. The home makers are more prone to using granite flooring because it not only adds beauty and grandeur to homes but also is less prone to damage and is incomparable to other flooring tiles in terms of rich colors and patterns that granite floor tile offers. You can even customize your floor’s pattern by mixing various tiles of diverse colors and designs to give your floor a unique look. It can be laid out in many spaces such as bathrooms, kitchens and hallways. Owing to its slip resistant properties, it is very beneficial to be used in houses.

It is always recommended by contractors to hire a flooring tile professional to lay out the granite tiles because working with granite can be very laborious and strenuous. There is also the problem of completing the work without much hassle. Granite tile flooring is bound to boost the value of your house. You should always consider it as an investment that will add monetary value to your space, hence, a source of extreme pride. If you want to go for an affordable luxury, then granite tile is an excellent alternative for homes.